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We are located at the bottom of the Arratia Valley, one of the few places that still clings to the ancestral Biscayan customs and traditions.

In addition, it is a perfect place for hiking and going on mountain routes between beech trees and ancient oaks, which can be both for children and for the ones looking for a greater difficulty.
Of course, from ALTZUSTE LANDETXEA you can undertake the famous climbs to Monte Gorbeia or the Lekanda Rock to stroll through the Itxina Massif.
You can visit very interesting places like the Olabarri´s Mill, the Museum of traditional Basque pottery and the Ethnographic Museum, or go on a route through the charming villages of the valley.

Also, the location allows you to approach cities in just half an hour or an hour like Gernika, visit the Gugemheim in Bilbao, the Concha beach in San Sebastián, or the Rioja Alavesa with its rich wines.

A visit along the coast or through the valleys of the inland would complete the offer. But if you have more time, around an hour and a half, we have Santander, Logroño, Navarra and the French Basque Country where the beaches of San Juan de Luz and the Bayonne Boulevard shine.


Activities you can practice: